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Crystal Bowersox on American Idol - TOP 10 Girls - Season 9
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Añadido :04 Marzo 2010
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Crystal Bowersox As Long As I See The Light by Creedence Clearwater She has a twin brother! She says hes a square. Shes carries good luck trinkets with her when she performs. Ah, she too my advice! Singing a guyss song. Shes got her guitar this week. She sounds great! Awesome bluesy, gospel vocals from Crystal. Sing it girl, she is fabulous. What a way to start the show. Randy says, You are the truthI just love that you arent trying to be anybody elseI love that girl..that girl is hot. Ellen says, That is pure raw natural talentI am so glad youre here todayplease stay healthy. Kara says, You completely recovered from last weekyou are that Americana singer, raw.effortless, centered, focused. Tonight you hit a new level. Simon says, Whats great about youyou didnt play the whole sympathy thingI underestimated you last week. the vocal was incrediblethis is like the moment with Kelly Clarkson, we realized we had a really serious artist here. Crystal was very worried she wasnt going to be here. 1. Crystal Bowersox 2. Haeley Vaughn 3. Lacey Brown 4. Katie Stevens 5. Didi Benami 6. Michelle Delamore 7. Lilly Scott 8. Katelyn Epperly 9. Paige Miles 10 Siobhan Magnus American Idol Season 9 Episode 17 - Top 10 Girls - 03/03/2010 Youtube doesn't allow publishing, to see full episode go to [Más] [Menos]
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